Force uninstall of app at driver creation

I know that fullReset removes the app post-test. But I’m looking for the opposite (I usually want the app on the phone at the end of the test to potentially manually reproduce an issue starting at the state at the end of the test). Is there a capability to always uninstall the app at driver create time? I’ve added the following to every driver creation, but it’s (obviously) adding more time. I figured if adb / xcuitest could handle this phone-side it would eliminate any other appium overhead that these commands may create (iOS and Android are seeing an additional 70-90 seconds added to the setup from these commands)

String usePath = appPath.getProtocol().equals("file") ? appPath.getPath() : appPath.toString();

i’m using driver.quit(). The app will remain on device after tests. Each test starts with a new app instance.
Works OK, I can open the app after tests manually.

public void tearDown() {"Tearing Down Driver.\n");

In fact you have to quit your driver if you’re using Selenium Grid so the node can be re-used. I’m specifically looking for something that will always uninstall the app at start time before launching it