Generate test reports for Allure using Appium

So, I’ve been reading test results through the Command Prompt and now I’m trying to use Allure to generate reports for my test cases but I have no idea what I’m doing cause my reports are empty. How do I get Appium/Allure to generate test reports every time I run a test and how do read it?

@Reina_Reinhart Refer to , has got better reports than Allure and it supports BDD ( Cucumber tool ) as well.

Sample project can be found under

Okay so I downloaded it but my problem remains that I have no idea how to set it up and get it to work with appium. Would you be able to explain to me how I would be able to do that?

Please spend time earn Basic of Java, maven, IDE and git.

You can as well refer to my blog, for tons of info on Appium getting started and tricks