Gestures (javascript) - Basic Setup, Ionic Hybrid Cordova Google Maps Plugin

Will start by saying I am very new to testing and Appium, I have had some success testing web based elements in my Ionic hybrid app, on iOS and Android emulators, now I am trying to test an embedded google map without much success. I can get the test to run without error but code is not being executed as centering of the map does not occur.

  1. I have seen the below code example in the Appium documentation. Can anyone provide any information on what “driver” is? wd.TouchAction(driver)

  2. I have also read one must switch between web and native modes when testing native elements, in my capabilities I have autoWebview: true, is this set to false changing this?

    var action = new wd.TouchAction(driver){x: 70, y: 200});
    action.moveTo({x: 230, y: 195});


  • Ionic 2.1.18
  • Appium 1.72
  • wd 1.5.0,
  • wd-bridge 0.0.2
  • protractor 5.2.2