Get child elements Appium + Javascript + Webdriverio

Hi, I have a react-native application where I need to get the child elements of an element, the things that I’ve tried as the following:

I have a function to check for an element and it supposed to return a list of elements

private async getComponents(client: any, component: string) {
   let elements = await client.findElements('accessibility id', component);

   Object.keys(elements).forEach(function(key) {
       let val = elements[key];
       console.log(`val: ${val}`);

   for (const [key, value] of Object.entries(elements)) {
       console.log(`key:${key} | value:${value}`);

   return elements;


Some output information regarding the function:

  • typeof elements: object
  • elements.length: 0
  • elements.values(): [object Array Iterator]

The thing is that I am not able to iterate over the “elements” variable (which is an object) to corroborate that there are the child elements that I am looking for, the methods to iterate inside the functions does not work

This is the element that have the child on it