Get context handles in two simultaneous sessions

I am running two Appium sessions simultaneously each one in a separate server instance with unique server IP address and port number. Both sessions are in Selendroid mode. I am using a hybrid app and switching back and forth between contexts in both sessions.

I noticed that whenever a device is in WEBVIEW context and the other is in NATIVE_APP context, the one in WEBVIEW context stops responding and can’t find the WEBVIEW context anymore until the other device switches to the WEBVIEW context also.

I am not sure if this is a bug? or by design?

I am using Appium server 1.2.3 on Windows 7. Devices are: Samsung Galaxy S4 & Samsung Tab2 (10.1)

If you have one server per device then they shouldn’t interfere with each other. If they do, then that’s a bug.

I have two servers, so I guess this makes it a bug :frowning:

I recommend reporting the bug to the github issue tracker.