Get device language once session has started

I want that appium installs the app in the device’s language (as normally happens).
But I take screenshots and need the test to recognize the language which is running in to save the file with the apropiate filename.

I don’t want to change the language capability, only a getter during the test-execution.

Thank you

Can be also before starting the driver (didn’t know why I’ve put this title).

I can’t see anything about getting the device’s language by code, only checking a string with known translations…

I think for mobile automatization (which means worldwide apps), know the language in which you are testing is so important… isn’t it?

I’ve been reading a lot about everything concerned about appium and I didn’t see anything about how to get the device language.

Since is a tool for automatize tests with no human interaction, I think it should be so important to have a method to get the language to know what is testing…

Soposing there is no way to get it, where could I ask for it to developers?