getAttriubute very slow on certain activities

I play around with appium java client 7.4.1 and 7.3.0 and the pinterest app. And analyze the app with the following code for example:

List<MobileElement> interactableElements = driver.findElementsByXPath(".//*[@clickable='true' or @checkable='true' or @scrollable='true']");

As long as I’m in the overview as shown here, everything (clicking, swiping…) runs smooth and very snappy.


As soon as I open an element like here:

the getAttribute() function takes forever to execute like ~10sec for one function call, whereas before this was milliseconds.

Interestingly, driver.getPageSource() also delivers results almost instantly, while it also would need to collect all attributes.

Can someone verify this behavior as a bug or tell me where the source of the error is?!

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@mykola-mokhnach so wait for idle timeout setting solved the issue for you!?

driver.setSetting(Setting.WAIT_FOR_IDLE_TIMEOUT, 100) did the job! thanks!