getPageSource doesn't match screenshot content

Appium: v.1.7.1
xCode 9.0
iOS 10.3
Simmulator: iPhone 6
Type of App: Native

I have native application under test and some issue with getPageSource(). Page of my AUT contains one XCUIElementTypeTable and several XCUIElementTypeCell (100 elements). Each cell is one row. It is possible to swipe through table for view all data.
There are 10 XCUIElementTypeCell displayed at the beginning.

If I look through result of getPageSource(), I can find
7 XCUIElementTypeCells with attributes enabled="true", visible="true"
93+ XCUIElementTypeCells with attributes enabled="true", visible="false"

From other side, at screen I see 7 XCUIElementTypeCells with visible=“true” and 3 XCUIElementTypeCells with visible=“false”.
And I receive the same results by using driver.findElement() with xpath:

  • `//XCUIElementTypeTable / XCUIElementTypeCell[@visible=‘true’] ==> 7 elements
  • `//XCUIElementTypeTable / XCUIElementTypeCell[@visible=‘false’] ==> 3 elements

Why does not getPageSource result match to findElement result?
Is it possible to do some typical action with other (form 11-th to 100-th) elements and how?