getPageSource not returning all elements - iOS, real device

This has been plaguing me for a while. When I call getPageSource on my newly reformatted macbook, it returns significantly less information than it does on my mac mini.

A couple gists to show what I mean. The incomplete one was run on one mac, the complete one on another, same app, even the same build of the same app.



Things that I have tried:

  • Upgrading appium_lib
  • Different versions of the appium desktop app - 1.2.7, 1.2.6, 1.2.4
  • Command line appium installed via npm instead of the desktop app
  • Pulling down the latest WebDriverAgent from github and replacing the one in the app
  • Install all updates from Apple
  • Different real devices with different versions of iOS

Versions of stuff on the macbook:
Appium app: 1.2.7
Appium: 1.7.1
Appium_Lib: 9.7.5
Xcode: 9.2
MacOS: 10.13.2
Ruby: 2.3.4

Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Even just ideas for things to try would be great at this point!

Can your newly reformatted macbook complete its click/find actions with the unseen login elements while running tests locally?

Have you tried mykola’s inspector?

Is there a possibility that your installment isn’t faulty but app acts like this on different devices? (right now I’m just saying what comes to mind :smiley: )

Thanks for the ideas!

I’m not sure what you mean by running locally? Both machines are running their own appium server, driven by code on those boxes, with iOS devices directly attached.

I have tried mykola’s inspector now… great resource, btw, thanks for the tip. Same results though.

I’ve tried multiple devices on both machines. All the iOS devices show the same behavior when attached to my machine.

Solved. I removed xcode and reinstalled it.

I had tried everything else, and was hesitating to do xcode because it’s such a massive download, however, it seemed like everything downstream from xcode was seeing the same thing, so I reasoned that it might be the culprit. Three hours of download / install later, and the problem is gone!

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