Getting blank screen on Appium Desktop

I am testing Direct TV now in my Android TV using Appium. I have connected the TV with ADB using wifi. I am able to see the HomeScreen and all the UI elements of the Android TV but I am seeing blank screen when I switch to Direct TV UI on the TV. Below is the verions of the Appium and Java I am using:
Appium - Appium Desktop v 1.6.3(Attaching snapshot)
Java - v 1.8
Appium Server Version|544x500

Able to connect to Adnroid TV from CMD using below command:
adb connect ip
(wher ip is the IP address of TV over same WiFi)

I am using below desired capabilities in the appium desktop
“deviceName”: “ATV”,
“appPackage”: “”,
“appActivity”: “.activities.LaunchActivity”,
“platformName”: “android”,
“autoGrantPermissions”: “true”
and when click on Start session, I am able to see all the Son!y TV UI in Appium Desktop but not the Direct TV UI. It gives me a blank screen on the Appium Desktop.

On click Start session in APpium Desktop, Appium should show the Direct TV UI in the appium desktop to scan all the elements.

Is this screen accessible?

Are you asking if Direct TV allows access to its UI elements?

No, I mean