Getting Connection to WDA timed out message consistently

I am using appium 1.6.4 with xcode 8.2 and device with iOS 9. Whenever I am running my scripts, I am getting below error messages:
[debug][XCUITest]: Connection to WDA timed out
[debug][iProxy]: recv failed: Operation not permitted

Also one more thing that I want to know, why the app is getting uninstalled from device for every run. Even though I have mention following capabilities:
no-reset = True
full-reset = False

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Even am facing the same issue, even if i receive the WDA timed out still am able to proceed with the execution without any issues.

Hi yugeshmahure,
I have got the same error when test iOS app, I found that the action of tap and click could done well but the SET action will lead this error, How did you make it, could you tell me please! Thank you very much advance!

yes, but when SET value to element will be failed , is there has this issue? how can I do for this issue?

Hi, did you get solution for this ?