Getting different Webviews everytime I run the code

Hi guys,
Appium 1.18.0 , Java , Eclipse, Windows 10 machine, Testing Android App

So I have an hybrid app. And my login button is on a native screen. When I click the button, it navigates to a webview.
Initially , it wasn’t able to go to the webview because [setWebContentsDebuggingEnabled] was not set to true. However, now it is set to true.
And when I give the driver.getContextHandles() function, I’m able to get the contexts. But now the catch is ,
I’m getting different number of contexts everytime ! I’m serious. Yesterday , I got only [NATIVE_APP]. Today morning , I got [NATIVE_APP,WEBVIEW_chrome]. Afternoon , I got [NATIVE_APP,WEBVIEW_chrome,WEBVIEW_<package_name>]. And the last one was the actual webview. But now, I’m not getting the last one. So when I find an element , it throws a NOSuchElementException !

Need some help here guys ! I’ve been stuck with this for a long time now. Am I missing something ???