Getting error Activity class {} does not exist


I am trying open Youtube through automation using its bundle id but its not going to get open and if i run the command
adb shell am start -n$HomeActivity
then i am getting below error
Activity class {} does not exist.

i have resolved it by passing command like adb shell am start -n ‘$HomeActivity’

but while running through code i am not getting quotes in appium server logs , due to that its failing , i am passing parameters like this
options.Add(“appium:appPackage”, “”);
options.Add(“appium:appActivity”, “.app.honeycomb.Shell$HomeActivity”);

please assist

Make sure you use the most recent driver version.

i am using below version [email protected] [installed (npm)]

the recent one is 3.2.0: Tags · appium/appium-uiautomator2-driver · GitHub