Getting error "Error: Could not sign with default certificate." during android mobile execution

I am getting the attached error while executing mobile automation test cases using appium. During execution the appim and unlock app is getting installed. Also it is installing the desired mobile app but not able to invoke and error message “Error: Could not sign with default certificate.” is getting displayed.

I have also uploaded the appium log here.

Your log indicates that you are using the APK that is signed for release in the store:

[ADB] App not signed with debug cert.

You will need a developer signed version of the APK… Are you the developer of this app or working with the developers?

Also, just some general advice… Try to get in the habit of sanitizing the data in your logs before you post them to an open forum on the internet… Its not that big of a deal in this case but I am able, from your logs, to see who your client is, which production app you are testing, and your Windows user ID… About 9 months ago, I had a junior developer on my team that didnt think about this and posted real database credentials in a question on stack overflow… Security was escorting him out of the building 30 minutes after I found out about the post.