Getting Started -- First Mobile Test

I am working through the getting started page for Appium at the following url:

I would like to better understand the first Mobile app test in Javascript. The example sets path to ‘/wd/hub’. What is the path parameter used for? I am asking because I do not know what to set it to.

@Aleksei Thank you for helping me with my first getting started question. That was helpful. Do you have any suggestions for my second question above?

I found the answer to the above question. It is on the following page:

Here is the definition from the above page:


Path to driver server endpoint.
Type: String
Default: /

I installed the desktop version of the Appium server with all defaults on Mac. So, for this case what is my path?

The following shows my Appium server running:

What is the path to it?
Is it /Applications/

I am with Java. But anyway this path looks url where appium server is running. In example mentioned way that appium server runs on same machine. Thus path is like: localhost/wd/hub. Where localhost looks like optional if same machine (but in java i am adding it)
You can check it in browser also. Just add port name - e.g. print same in browser as you have on last screenshot: 127.0…

Thank you again for your help. I would like to make sure the directory exists. So, I tried going to it in a web browser.

That must not be the correct approach. Can I look for the hub on the disk? I am trying find.

did not look at driver start for a long time… ok. driver should start with:


when appium runs locally

according e.g. to path not even mentioned. try wihout it.

PS found better example:



to get the status of server

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Thank you, @Ravi_Kishore . That shows the status is 0.


The server shows the rest request was successful:


So, now I know that /wd/hub’ is part of the uri in each rest request to Appium server, and that path is set by default upon installation.

I am thankful for everyone’s help in order to get me to understand the path.