Getting text from a fast-changing element

We have a label above a field, which after certain actions changes the text literally for 0.2-0.5 sec, but we don’t have time to get the new value via getText(). what are the options to get text from fast-changing elements?

Probably will have to ask developers to slow this down or somehow make this value available in a debug menu. Usually this is only done in debug (testing) build so it doesn’t go out to app store.

With Android you have chances to catch it while make simple fast search in loop like driver.findElement(by id).

With iOS - 100% not as it much slower.

Rather than trying to get the element by Id and then calling getText() on that element, could you get the element by Xpath looking for the required text in the text attribute? Something like this:
I believe doing it this way would mean it continues to look for that element until it is found or times out. Not sure if the time between polls would be short enough to catch it but worth a try.