Getting unrecognized error while registering node to Hub

Below is the json file

“browserName”: “Android”,
“maxInstances”: 1,
“deviceName”:“Micromax AQ4501”

“proxy”: “org.openqa.grid.selenium.proxy.DefaultRemoteProxy”,
“hub”: “”,

Below is the command written in cmd for registering node:

C:\Program Files (x86)>> node.exe Appium\node_modules\appium\bin\appium.js –address –port 4723 -bp 2252 –udid V00776141045040–nodeconfig E:\firstnode1.json –session-override

What does the error say?

Just as a guess, there are a few things that are iffy to me:

I think the “hub” value should be a complete URL; you might need to add in the protocol for the URL by adding in “http://” to that value.

You need a space separating the udid parameter from the “–nodeconfig” flag.