Getting web view context for iOS app

I’m currently a beginner using the Appium inspector to record my tests. In the inspector, I’m only seeing IDs for UI elements and not web view elements when there is a web view on screen. There’s a dropdown to switch contexts, but the only option is is no context. How do I include web view elements in my recording?

Here’s a screenshot of what I see:

Your help is much appreciated. Please forgive me if there’s some documentation I missed that would help me.

Switching to webview is not supported in Appium . You will end noticing error as "Not implemented in this context, try switching into or out of a web view ".

Refer this thread for more information

has this been solved

I am able to switch to web view in iphone app but not able to access elements.Tried all methods and possible things
appium version 1.3.4
iphone 6 os 9.2

Steps to install and start the proxy server
Settings > Safari > Advanced > Web Inspector = ON
1.brew install ios-webkit-debug-proxy
2.Start the appium server
3.Open a new Command prompt and start the webkit proxy : “ios_webkit_debug_proxy”
:9221 for the device list
:9222 for the first iOS device that is attached
:9223 for the second iOS device that is attached

:9322 for the max device
4.Open a new Command prompt and start the proxy on port 27753: “ios_webkit_debug_proxy -c udid:27753 -d”

To inspect the elements :
5.Navigate to localhost:9221. You’ll see a listing of all connected devices.
6.Right click on the link and tap on open link:
such kind of a link is opened on the new tab :“chrome-devtools://devtools/bundled/inspector.html?ws=localhost:9222/devtools/page/1”

But not able to access web view elements

can anyone please help