Ghost Click with XCUIElementTypeAlert element


I’m using Appium Inspector to identify elements and the Appium python client to interact with them and I’m running into an issues with a XCUIElementTypeAlert type element. Whenever I click on it, it pops up like expected but then it immediately closes.

I have a XCUIElementTypeTable full of entries. There’s a specific entry that brings up a XCUIElementTypeAlert type element where there is a text field I’m trying to write to; but before I can do anything, appium seems to immediately click the ‘Cancel’ button. See images below:


I don’t have any code that interacts with the cancel button at all so I’m unsure how or why this is happening. This is only happening when the WDA is running; this does not happen with normal usage of the app.

Version info:
iOS: 17.2
Appium: v2.2.1
XCUITest: 5.8.0
Appium Python Client: 3.1.0

Make sure neither of autoAcceptAlerts/autoDismissAlerts capabilities is enabled


:man_facepalming: That was it, thanks