Google Purchase window throw error

I am running into an issue with Google purchase flow of my app.
As Appium re-sign the APK, google play purchase window is opened, it displays this message : “This version of the application is not configured for Market billing. Check the help center for more information.”

I went through this issue -

@bootstrap did mention about adding no sign mode Is this implemented?
I went through this list - but could not find it.
How do I get around this. Debug Key will not work as we use “company sign Key”

Any help is much appreciated.

Platform : Android
Appium : 1.4.8
Client : Java

Anyone got any hacks/fix working for this ?
Help much appreciated.

Finally I think I got the solution.
I am not sure when this was introduced, I had almost left hope.

With “noSign=true” flag, I am able to get rid of APK re-sign and could see purchase dialog.
Thanks to whoever addressed this.

On a side note, I also tried Espresso to get through this problem, but I am stuck there as well :frowning: