Handling Dynamic List Items/Dropdowns in appium android

Env: Appium-1.4.13
Android-5 Lollipop
Tried in both emulator and real device
Windows-7(OS), Java language

Unable to identify the items in a static list/dropdown through UI Automator Viewer. So can we automate the elements which are not identified in this viewer.Tried using the text property, but in vain.

Even tried using appium inspector record option(in MAC OS), the issue which i observed here is that the elements behind the list are selected.

Able to automate this scenario in calabash based on text property, with which the properties are found and tried using the classname in appium.

This is not the exact screen, but the scenario is similar except that this is auto complete list. Any suggestions, as i am unable to interact with the highlighted part.

is it a drop down or a spinner.

Hi, thanks for the reply.Its definitely not a spinner, i think it is a kind of auto-complete list. Correct me if i am wrong

try this

WebElement abd = driver.findElement(someproperty));

i am also not able to understand what is going on with this screen? Can someone help? I am using uiatomator2 driver on android api v 29 - 30 with python client. driver.page_source never shows the auto completion text.