Has anyone did test on Maps by using Appium?


Have you ever tested Maps(e.g. Google Map) in your application? Assume, if I want to select particular area located on Map etc…!!

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Vijay Bhaskar.

we tested. next question :slight_smile:

That sounds good @Aleksei,

How can you identify particular place shown on map and how you are going to verify same place has been displayed or not?

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Vijay Bhaskar.

image recognition + multiple images (Google maps has changing little bit map of same place) match true when one from many found.

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@Aleksei, in this case don’t you think this is very flaky. And I believe image verification is very tedious approach since you need to capture base reference images and do some sort of masking or ignore certain portion in order to compare with actual one.
As per my personal opinion this needs to be tested manual and it’s only more reliable approach.

there is some kind of instability and major part due to google maps changes frequently. from mine experience once in 3 months images need update.


Have you identified at least the pointing location where exactly it is showing?
In our case, we are unable to identify that indicator.

Vijay Bhaskar.

so do you use Sikuli?

yes. and mentioned some code examples: https://github.com/appium/appium/issues/943#issuecomment-76963366 (they change slightly now already. but basic idea remained the same)

yes. we were matching partial image of screen that was included full path or your current point.

Thanks for your reply. How did you handle screen resolution / tolerance. If i take screenshot of target in 4inch device, will it run on 12 inch device…just wondering

i made just set of screenshots against all tested devices (we use 2: one phone and one tablet). and match against all set of images. any match = we Pass.