Have issue when automate IOS by appium as after click button not response to next page

problem with next button when use appium inspector and make check for locator and press next button it work normal but when use eclipse and xcode for run automation text case reach to this button and click on it but didn’t reach to next page
Note: used all find of wait and and assert visibility and clickable for element but still same problem

First double chexk that you tap into correct place by logging center of element before tap.

Second sometimes with fast tap app may be only trying to show elements. Very fast tap will not work. To check this add a bit sleep after printing coordinates of center and tap later

I already do that and check element as you said and check it location x and y
Also used pause for tap and used wait before doing tap and after tapping the element .
But every time it click or press on button and I can see action of pressing but can’t move to next page . Also try to press manually when simulator in this page but not response to go next page .
Only work when try at real device as end user or when try to get locator by appium inspector move normal to next page without any problem

If it does not work manually no magic with automation.

I know :relieved::relieved: but this problem belong to simulator or app itself as all button work normal between all pages only this one with simulator

Hi, first of all before clicking check that the element is visible and enabled(ignore clickable property), see here: ExpectedConditions

moreover, sometimes for some reason that is unclear, it shows that the button is disabled(enabled: false) or it is not visible although it is actually clickable so I would suggest you will double check on the inspector these two attributes(visible, enabled) and make sure they are as expected. If one of them is false try to just use the .click() method without any wait before it(or with Thread.sleap to make sure the button is “stable”). As well, try to get the coordinates of the button and tap it using the Actions api instead of the .click() method.