Having problems scrolling to offscreen items with 1.9.1

In the past I’ve used:

@driverAppium.execute_script(‘mobile: scroll’, name: element.name)

which worked pretty well in the past. In 1.9.1 I’m seeing the scroll go right past the item. I believe the visible status is not updating. I tried a similar test with

@driverAppium.execute_script(‘mobile: scroll’, direction: “down”)

in binding.pry and I see the visible state of the element doesn’t change to true so the scroll does not stop. I can tell because after the scroll completes I can do a display check and the visible state is still false even though I am looking at the element on the screen. Manually scrolling will update the visible state to true. Basically all I did was upgrade to get this failure. Any help or a workaround would be appreciated.

Ruby code, iOS Simulator or Live Device both have the same issue, My OS is Mac High Sierra.

I’ve raised this issue on Appium github, would recommend bumping this: