Having trouble installing app through HTTP from remote host for both iOS and Android

Hi All,

I am trying to install mobile application through our automation tool which is made in c#. When I make a connection to connect Appium, providing application server value as “Localhost” then I am able to install the application successfully.

On the other hand, when i provide a application server value to my machine ip address then it is throwing exception like “Error occured during execution of the block”

could you please assist me if you know the reason why it is happening like this ?
I think there might be some access issue but did not get to know which access is pending

Hard to say without access to the Appium server log. Would be great if you could post it as a git gist but if you can’t just paste into a post (please no screenshot).

If I was guessing I would think it’s a firewall issue.

I just checked appium server logs and found this error

As I said, can’t use a screenshot. Please try to post a gist or if you can’t do that the whole log in a post. Thanks!