Having trouble with TouchAction >> Method has not yet been implemented

I hope some can help me here. I am testing a mobile webapp on iOS. On Android I can simply use TouchAction.tap(el) and it works fine (interacting with a toggle). On iOS code passes, no error anywhere but click doesn’t happen. I tried using javascript, no luck either.

Here is what I am currently trying:
toggle = self.wait_for_element_by_xpath(xpath)
action = TouchAction(self.driver)
action.press(toggle, 285, 201)
action.move_to(toggle, 285, 180)

Here is the error thrown: “selenium.common.exceptions.WebDriverException: Message: Method has not yet been implemented” I don’t see any errors in Appium (tried 1.4.13 and 1.5.2). Does anyone have a suggestion how to make the driver click/tap/swipe (the code is implemented so we can either tap, or click and hold, or click and swipe the toggle, in all cases UI will animate swiping action)

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@mysza can you please clarify if you found the solution for this problem ?


got it working per TouchAction().perform() - Method has not yet been implemented