Help setting up very basic test for mobile app on AWS device farm

Take a minute or two of your time to save a brother a day’s work??? I am looking for some help creating an extremely simple Appium test that I can run on Amazon Device Farm. For someone using Appium… this might be <5 minutes. For me, I’ve spent a day on it already, and made no real progress. Here’s what I need the test to do: 1) open the app. 2) Keep the app open for 10 minutes. 3) That’s it. (optionally, take screenshots). This, obv, couldn’t be more simple. That said, I can’t figure out how to get the large number of things setup correctly to make this actually possible. Thanks very much for your help! Here’s an SO post asking for help with it:
BTW, other option for post above… if there’s anyone experienced with Appium for testing react native mobile apps… interested in a little bit of consulting?

Hope this link helps you