Help. Switch Windows app to ChromeBrowser

I have a scenario:

  1. Open Windows app
  2. Click on boutton, --> Open a browser separately
  3. New Instance of my windows app thats opened
  4. I dont want to create a new instance, i just want to switch between chrome and my windows app , but I don’t now how

public class UITest

    static WindowsDriver<WindowsElement> SessionExemple;

    public static void PrepareForTestinNuances(TestContext testContext)

        AppiumOptions Exemple = new AppiumOptions();
        Control.AddAdditionalCapability("app", @"Path");
        Control.AddAdditionalCapability("appArguments", "");
        Control.AddAdditionalCapability("platformName", "Windows");
        Process.Start(@"C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Application Driver\WinAppDriver.exe");
        SessionExemple= new WindowsDriver<WindowsElement>(new Uri(""), Control);

I don’t know , how i have to add a additionalcapability to control chrome or I can just switch between apps ?

Unfortunately this is not possible as Windows driver does not support such feature