Here is how Perform load testing on mobile App using Jmeter

When I was using HTTP request in jmeter for looking for the best responses of api’s. I was feeling hard to load test api’s where they are used in mobile app’s and I found an answer.

With JMeter you can do only the following:

Record requests originating from the mobile devices using HTTP(S) Test Script Recorder
Replay recorded requests with increased number of threads (virtual users) to mimic multiple concurrent users working with mobile applications.
This will allow you to load test your backend server. If it is something you need - check out A Step by Step Guide to Performance Testing on Native Mobile Apps for detailed information on the approach.

If you need to measure client-side performance i.e. how long does it take to render the response, if data is displayed correctly, etc. you should go for mobile automation framework like Appium which is capable of driving mobile applications, waiting for elements to appear, etc.