Hi all, Am planning to use Appium to test my Native application in mobile. As am very new to this can any plz guide how to select the framework and which one is best. And how do i design it?its very urgent.Thanks in advance

Hi all, As am very new to appium .can anyone suggest the framework which supports both andriod and ios.which one is best. And how do i design it?its very urgent.Thanks in advance

Usually data driven or page object model are good
More it depends on u r app in question…

for Ecommerce - page object model is best.

Thanks for the quick reply.
the application is Point of sale.locators are completely different for andriod and iOS applications.
Is it possible to place the locators in java class or should it place it is external file and read it?please let me know your suggestions

It is important to place locators in a different file i.e. JAVA properties file

OR if u want to store in class then you can do research on Page Object Model in this you can create single element with different locator in one Factory class like

@AndroidFindBy(how = How.ID, using = “go”)
@IOSFindBy(how = How.xpath, using = “//UIApplication//UITable//UIButton”)
public WebElement goButton;

If u need I have one link with a good framework but it is for Selenium

Thank you so much.
Could you please share the link.

can i use java class file to store the locators in the framework,both for andriod and ios ?please help me with this issue

You can use it by making the variables Public & final so, their values do not change.
For example, if you want to save an xpath for username locator on the login page, you could something like below on the LoginScreen Class.

public final USERNAME_LOCATOR = “xpath of the item goes here”.

Now USERNAME_LOCATOR is available through out the project since it is public and its value cannot be change since it is final.

Hope this is useful.

but the locators are going to be different for andriod and ios for the same field.