Hi I need to automate the charts and graphs

HI friends,
Please help in context
I want get the values and validate from the backed(DB)

  1. How to get values from the charts and graphs
  2. If we can spy and get element what elements need to consider for objects

I am using Python scripting
even if java also i am fine

if any sample code or tutorial please share

Hi Poamuri, you can not automate the graph and charts using selenium, but the values which are displayed on charts can validate as long as you read those from back end code level. Now a days every one using the third party plugins for creation or generation of charts.

Highcahrts is one of the popular one, But these charts are generated based on custom tags, so you have to create xpaths for these custom tags to read the values from high charts.

beyond to that still you can validate the graph colors and percentage of filling on piecharts, but this need to develop custom methods based on your needs and type of graphs