Hie I am trying automate test with android emulator but in appium inspector I am getting error

Its telling "Could not connect to server; are you sure it’s running? If you are using the browser version, also ensure your Appium server has been started with --allow-cors"

Can you describe how you started the server? You might need to use the flags indicated.

It would also help to know what operating system you are using, and what version of appium inspector.

I am using mentioned flag to start my appium server. I am using windows 10 with latest appium inspector

No appium version, huh? I’m going to make an educated guess. Personally, I feel like there should be a more informative way to get this information, like a drop down menu or something printed on the inspector itself, or maybe part of the error message.

Regardless, my guess is that you are using Appium 1.XX.X server. Here are the release notes for inspector:

Please check out the “Important Migration Notes”, and make this change.

The default remote server path has changed from /wd/hub to / to reflect Appium 2.0’s default server path. If you’re using Appium Inspector with an Appium 1.x server, you’ll likely need to update the path information in the New Session form back to /wd/hub.

Let me please repeat myself I have clearly mentioned that I am using latest version that means the new released one. Anyhow I resolved the issue thank you for your help.

If you ever do support, and someone insists that they have the latest it’s a good idea to go ahead and ask what version anyway. Most people just download something and don’t worry about the details. Very often they will make a mistake, but cannot find the mistake because they insist they have, “the latest”. Saying, “I have the latest” means nothing to me. Asking what version is not personal, it’s just a good support habit.