How can i build my own mobile lab which is compatible with Appium


For many companies in service industry, providing optimized solution is a big task.

With respect to mobile testing also, the optimized solution is to build our own in-premises mobile labs which can be accessed from different locations(Onsite-Offshore model etcc…). Consider this as a feasible solution compared to mobile cloud providers.

Inorder to build this in-premises mobile lab, i heard a tool called “seetest cloud” from experitest. With this we can build our own cloud platform and connect devices and access from anywhere.
Question #1: Is this the only company providing this(platform to build our own mobile lab) or any other companies. Please let me know.

Does it also support automation with Appium(i surfed net and came to know that we can do this with “seetest manual”)
Question #2: Does anybody have success stores of this to use all Appium features, including parallel executions?

You can take a look at

Does anybody have any other inputs.

I am planning to build my own premises mobile lab. Need pointers to software like seetest cloud.

Please help me to provide this information.

See you refer to SeeTest, and they’re so far your benchmark to start from, why not contact them for more details and a demonstration session, software trial, etc.?

Generally, building your own in house lab, with a feature set similar to what the cloud providers offer (nice REST APIs, easy remote access, etc.) is going to be a lot of work. Why else would one not use them than to build their own lab. The other likely reason is cost & maintenance overhead.

A more significant reason to build your own in house lab is when you need to do things cloud providers don’t offer - real device mobility (moving around), live GPS/bluetooth/wifi interaction with other hardware, etc.

Hi @UD did you get any breakthrough on this, if yes please let me know.

Ravi Kumar