How can i completey suppress appium logging to the console (no stdout)

I am writing a python test harness, and when I start appium, I want to completely suppress the appium console log from outputting to stdout. the --log option does not do this, only add the logging capability, but still outputs to stdout.

I’ve tried all kinds of tricks with python os.sys and subprocess modules, but to no avail. I either always see the output, or I hide it so deeply, I lock the python interpruter :blush:

Is there are way to suppress it completely. Ideally, if I specify a --log, I really am saying (in my head) to only write output to the that log file, and noe stdout.


Same issue …

If there any way to “turn off” appium’s console logs ? and print them only to log file ?


Same issue…
would be nice if there would be a way to turn them off. Anyone an idea?

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appium [–log-level {info,info:debug,info:info,info:warn,info:error,warn,warn:debug,warn:info,warn:warn,warn:error,error,error:debug,error:info,error:warn,error:error,debug,debug:debug,debug:info,debug:warn,debug:error}]

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Thank u, worked for me now.
implementation in java on mac:

command.addArgument("–log-level", false);

to write the log into a file… --log /path/to/appium.log
implementation in java on mac:
command.addArgument("–log", false);

this should! work… it doesn’t create a file… I don’t know why, probably missing rights or you have to create a File in code and attend it to the command.

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Hi, Simon, I don’t want to output the console log. How can I set parameter? or How can I turn off the log output? thanks.

command.addArgument("- - log-level", false);