How can I get an element from WebView on Native app? (Android)

Hello :slight_smile: I am testing an application with appium and Java, I can not get an element to interact with it:

As you can see, there is not an Id, Class or something to identify the object (this is a button) and I can click on it. Can I do it somehow?


Edit - The image was took with Android tool (UI Automator viewer).

You need to enter the webview context. This has been discussed in several threads on this forum

Sorry, I did not about the context that you tell me (I am pretty noob with this testing :slight_smile:) I will search it, thank you very much.

You can watch this video :

Thank you very much! I am watching the video and searching how to do that but I think that I can not do because it is an external application. I am following the next url and then next one and it is seem like I need edit the code of the application, it is right?

This is how appears to me I can not access to the application as can you see…