How can I pass browser arguments using Ruby

I would like to send these arguments to the browser in the android emulator: ‘–ignore-certificate-errors’, ‘homepage=about:blank’, ‘test_type’
Need to speed things up and avoid certificate error alerts (until I figure out how to actually dismiss them… haven’t hit on the right command yet).

    desired_caps = {
        'newCommandTimeout'              => 600,
        'androidDeviceReadyTimeout'      => 420,
        'avdLaunchTimeout'               => 240000,
        'avdReadyTimeout'                => 240000,
        'deviceName'                     => "My_device",
        'platformName'                   => "Android",
        'avd'                            => "poc",
        'browserName'                    => "Browser",
        'avdArgs'                        => '-http-proxy -dns-server,,',
        # :chrome => { 'args' => ['--ignore-certificate-errors', 'homepage=about:blank', 'test_type']},
        # 'specialChromedriverSessionArgs' => { 'ignore-certificate-errors'=>true, 'homepage'=>'about:blank', 'test_type'=>true }

Right now am using appium 1.2.0 (having trouble updating primarily because of a bunch of older versions of various things getting in the way that I can’t delete but have to do PATH kludges to get around.) chromedriver 2.9 and android sdk 22.6.

I think you need to use chrome options args. See the upstream gem:

Super! Will give that a try!

Thanks! That does it!