How can I perform click operation on system IOS popup?

Hi All,

Can someone please tell me how can I perform click operation on “Select Photos” option?
My app is the flutter application and I am using appium flutter driver with wdio.

Neither I can add keys for this system pop up of IOS nor it is coming under the Native part of the application. So, I am finding it difficult to perform click operation on this popup.

Any inputs will be helpful. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hi ,

There are 3 ways through which you can achieve click performance

  1. desiredCapabilities.setCapability(“appium:autoAcceptAlerts”, true);
  2. Use touch through the x and y coordinates.
  3. //*[@label=“Select Photos…”]

Hi Harsha,
Did you try checking the context of the pop up ? is it a Native/Flutter/web view context .

print context names before and after getting the pop up. If its Native context, Options given by @Rohit_Tripathi1 should work , If its a webview , try with tap point option or java script click

@Rohit_Tripathi1 Thankyou for the reply!
When I am setting autoAcceptAlerts as true , it dismiss the popups. due to which I cannot proceed further to select the option.
@Karunakar.donuru2 yes it is the native context.