How can I start activity with string parameters

Hello. I have activity for tests (which open any activity with parameters) and it works via adb. Here example command for adb:
adb shell am start -n "" --es "activity" "com.zzz.zzz.ui.opinion.NotificationScheduledActivity" --es "params" "\[\{name='date',type='date',value='2018-05-12'\},\{name='can_return',type='boolean',value=false\}\]"
But I not idea how I should do that this command works via appium (via wd commandstartActivity()).
If I try does like this:

    this.activity = {
               appPackage: '',
               appActivity: 'com.zzz.zzz.ui.test.TestActivity',
               optionalIntentArguments: \` --es "activity" "com.zzz.zzz.ui.opinion.NotificationScheduledActivity" --es "params" "\\[\\{name='date',type='date',value='2018-05-22'\\},\\{name='can_return',type='boolean',value=false\\}\\]"\`

return driver.startActivity(activity)

its not work (activity try to statr but app crashed immeditary). And in the end appium says that activity never started.
How I should rewrite data in activity?

Solved. Can close this topic.