How click on key from virtual keyboard?


I am trying to test my websites to understand exactly how they will work on a mobile device.

Could you tell me how to interact with a virtual keyboard? For example, to press buttons. The keyboard in the screenshot appears by itself when I click on element type=“input”.

For automation, I use Webdriverio together with Apium, but on the forum Webdriverio I was never given an answer.


My stack:
Appium: 2.1.3.
Webdriverio: 8.16.4.
NodeJS: 18.16.0.
Chromedriver: 113.0.5672.63.
Android emulator:

Depending on what you want to achieve. If your target is to simply interact with the keyboard via accessibility then switch to the native context, set enableMultiWindows capability to true and you should be good to go.

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Thanks for response!
Suppose I switched to the native context, set enableMultiWindows=true, but how do I further find out which coordinates to click to click on the virtual keyboard button?

if you will be able to see keyboard and it buttons then as usual - find needed button element and tap.