How do I do a clean uninstall on my mac to reinstall Appium?

Hey All,
I’ve been getting a lot of odd issues with Appium and no one seems to see the issues. So I’m suspecting I installed incorrectly. Can someone provide instructions on how to do a clean uninstall of Appium and its dependencies on the mac to reinstall Appium?


I am facing issues because of old appiums. Please help

@SergeyTichomirov, @Aleksei guys :slight_smile: need help please.

I’ve tried to do npm uninstall -g appium && npm install -g appium@beta but even after reinstall the command appium didn’t start the server. I’m facing exec format error: appium I guess the alias is missing. But what I’m thinking about is that appium should create alias while installation process. Correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile: thanks

npm uninstall -g appium and npm install -g appium
I don’t use @beta.