How do i get the latest appium installation (dmg file)

seems that appium has a new version (1.2.4) but i am not sure how to install it since there is no installation file.
can someone explain how can i install it or where is the installation file?

It’s just a hotfix release with minimal changes, so you are not missing a lot. You can download and run it from the source or you can wait for the official 1.3 stable release in few weeks.

Thanks mate!
how do i run it? i didn’t see any installation file inside.

In case you were referring to the 1.2.4 file that you downloaded from the Appium site, it’s just a compressed file of the Appium source. You can compile and run it using the following commands:

brew install node # get node.js
npm install -g appium # get appium
npm install wd # get appium client
appium & # start appium