How do I get the latest version of the appium app

Please do not answer with into on how to get the Appium server. This topic is about the Appium app ONLY!

From what I can see from posts on this site, there is a 1.6x version of the Appium app available. I want it. (I’m on a Mac.)
When I go to the link at (, the most recent version i see of the appium app is 1.5.3 . So that’s out.

Someone suggested running
npm install wd

That resulted in these warnings:
npm WARN enoent ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘/usr/local/bin/package.json’
npm WARN bin No description
npm WARN bin No repository field.
npm WARN bin No README data
npm WARN bin No license field.

…and the app does not get installed.


  1. is there indeed a version of the Appium app greater than 1.5.3?
  2. if yes, how do I get it?

one beer for link - (GUI both Mac and Windows)
second beer for advice - forget about GUI at least after 1-2 year of Appium usage. you should not need it normally. use native android and iOS inspectors.