How do i select value from dropdown of a hybrid app using appium?

I am relatively new to appium, and is actively involved in a poc. The requirement is to select a value from the drop down, however i am able to click the spinner element but anything below that is not getting recognized my uiautomator. as a result i am not able to select any values from the spinner element. I am attaching the code block of the script and also the element tree snapshot.

//trying to click the dropdown list
WebElement parentElement1 = driver.findElement(“retProdOp0”));
WebElement childElement1 = parentElement1.findElement(By
driver.label(“dropdown list 2nd element clicked”);
}catch(Exception e){
driver.label(“Failed to click dropdown list on prodexchg screen”);

In the above image i want to slect the list from spinner element but its not showing up in uiautomator.
Any help regarding this will be appreciated. I am also linking the question from stackoverflow.