How do launch appium inspector when starting appium through command line


I have been using so far with downloading the dmg file and using
Now I want to use/run latest version of appium 1.5.1 through command line.
After I start Appium server with this command

appium --app <>.ipa -U –session-override --full-reset --log-level debug --device-name “” --platform-name iOS --platform-version 9.3.1 --native-instruments-lib

how do I start Appium inspector to locate elements.


i might be mistaken but i dont think there is one. i use the app just for the inspector and cmd for testing.

You can start Appium from the command line and then open the and hit the Inspector button & it should work fine. Don’t hit ‘Launch’ whatever you do.

I often set a breakpoint in my automation tests and then use the Inspector to look at some element I’m having trouble with.

In theory you’re supposed to be able to configure to use the latest Appium server install, but it doesn’t really work at this time.

@wreed has the key piece of data you need - set a breakpoint in a test, run the server, run the test, the breakpoint eventually pauses the test, which in turn gives you a chance to manually launch the inspector and then manually interrogate your AUT with inspector. It’s a usable process.

Hi wreed,

Is this approach of opening inspector, still working for 1.6.0 appium (actual server for tests via terminal) and 1.5.x of GUI Appium on Mac , iOS 10, Xcode 8 ?
I appreciate your guidance on this.

Yes. Although I am not doing this myself (too cautious to update yet, :wink: )I’ve talked to several people on this board who have successfully done this.

Okay! Thanks for the quick response.