How do people locate iOS app element

My current understanding is

  1. Use Appium Inspector GUI to locate the native element
  2. Use ios_webkit_debug_proxy (as suggested in for Webview element
  3. If you just want the accessibility ID, you can choose to turn on turn on the Accessibility Inspector in iOS simulator as well

Any other way to locate an iOS app element for appium testing ? Thanks.

For native apps, I generally use Appium Inspector and for hybrid app chrome inspector is pretty good

Hi @sunny_sachdeva,

May I know, How Hybrid app elements will be identified by Chrome inspector. Apparently for ios web app, there is safari inspector to identify such elements and this is not even for Hybrid app. Anyhow, I’m using Appium Inspector for hybrid app.

Please let us know, how you’re doing as well.


Refer to the below thread