How do we connect the different flows using Appium/Eclipse


Hello peeps,

Can you please help me with this?

Let us consider these scenarios

Login flow script: Class name

Profile flow script: Class name

My question:-
Is there a way I can tell Appium to run in this sequence?

Appium: Execute Login flow script and then Execute Profile flow script?

Or should I write all the flow in one class?

Please let me know.


Hi @shriharsha,
Try to set the order in your testng.xml runner: something like :slight_smile:

	<listener class-name="resources.TestListener" />
	<listener class-name="resources.ExtentReporterNG" />

<test thread-count="1" name="Profile" enabled="true">
		<class name="tests.ProfileTest">

<test thread-count="2" name="Login" enabled="true">
		<class name="tests.LoginTests">

The tests will run that order you write them in the xml


Can you please share the document or article specific to this?
I am naive with this, unable to get a grip of what you are trying to explain.