How find text and click appium

Guys I’m looking for a text in an app with appium and python, the problem is that I can’t inspect this element, so I thought I’d find the element using this for example:

params = { 'content': 'Download' } self.driver.execute_script('mobile:text:find', params);

The text is found, but how can I find and click?

@Aleksei You can help?

I know you didn’t ask for me, but I would look for this text as an Xpath. execute_script doesn’t return the element (AFAIK), but Xpath would. If you can find by text, should be able to get Xpath.

It turns out that I can’t get the text through appium, the elements apparently the app has a webview that I can’t debug, but I can get it with ocr using tesseract for example or opencv or both @wreed

sorry I am with Java. is it ios / android?

Android, I got this code using perfecto. @Aleksei