How one should start to convert android script into ios script (navigation for app for android and ios little differnt), and can we use same source code from windows or we need to move source code to mac?

need to move android appium code to ios

  1. it is pure how you wrote your android test code. with Google Page object pattern i believe you need only update your page objects.
  2. if your test code running in maven you should not care where you run it: Windows or Mac… suggest move to maven if not.

code is not in maven, how it will affect, if i moved to maven

all your dependancies will be downloading automatically on every machine where you start your tests.

how you starting your code in your Continues Integration e.g. in Jenkins or ?

running manually every night, on 1 specific machine

move to maven :-). it is easy and will be easier to maintain and start tests nightly.

i have added this to my individual machine , will check for others as well. But we need to run pom.xml every-time as per we add new dependencies , right na?

you need to create pom.xml to project. after that you will start your tests in command line like:

mvn clean test -DsuiteXmlFile=src/test/java/recources/android_tests.xml

where “android_tests.xml” is testNG file with set of tests which need to be run.

thanks for your time, will try to implement this

if navigation is different i dont think its worth to convert it, only if its small changes.
You can run both android and ios test on mac os, the code is the same, nothing change, just install all the dependencies

ok, but that will need two different set of codes. irrespective of my case, how 1 can run both ios and android code from 1 machine, it will need virtual mac in windows?