How should I disable heartbeat request in appium server

I’m new to Mobile app testing using appium. Currently I’m using appium version 2.0.1 and I did all the configuration as requested in the guide. But when I start the appium server using “appium” it always send s following AppiumDriver.getStatus() command repeatedly.

[Appium] Welcome to Appium v2.0.1
[Appium] Attempting to load driver uiautomator2…
[debug] [Appium] Requiring driver at C:\Users\acc.appium\node_modules\appium-uiautomator2-driver
[Appium] Attempting to load driver xcuitest…
[debug] [Appium] Requiring driver at C:\Users\acc.appium\node_modules\appium-xcuitest-driver
[Appium] Attempting to load driver flutter…
[debug] [Appium] Requiring driver at C:\Users\acc.appium\node_modules\appium-flutter-driver
(node:1200) MaxListenersExceededWarning: Possible EventEmitter memory leak detected. 11 exit listeners added to [process]. Use emitter.setMaxListeners() to increase limit
(Use node --trace-warnings ... to show where the warning was created)
[Appium] Appium REST http interface listener started on
[Appium] You can provide the following URLS in your client code to connect to this server:
[Appium] http:/
[Appium] http:/
[Appium] http:/
[Appium] (only accessible from the same host)
[Appium] Available drivers:
[Appium] - [email protected] (automationName ‘UiAutomator2’)
[Appium] - [email protected] (automationName ‘XCUITest’)
[Appium] - [email protected] (automationName ‘Flutter’)
[Appium] Available plugins:
[Appium] - [email protected]
[Appium] - [email protected]
[Appium] - [email protected]
[Appium] No plugins activated. Use the --use-plugins flag with names of plugins to activate
[HTTP] --> GET /status
[HTTP] {}
[debug] [AppiumDriver@b49a] Calling AppiumDriver.getStatus() with args: []
[debug] [AppiumDriver@b49a] Responding to client with driver.getStatus() result: {“build”:{“version”:“2.0.1”}}
[HTTP] <-- GET /status 200 11 ms - 39
[HTTP] --> GET /sessions

Is there a way to disable this heartbeat request?
Appium server suddenly get disconnect after some time when I’m executing the test on the application.
Note : application is loaded properly without any issue.