How should Xcode be used in Setup for IoS with an already setup project in VS on a PC

I am using Appium from a PC where I have Visual Studio and some Android tests. I now have a Mac mini and have went through and installed components but I am unsure as to what XCode is supposed to do? I looked up XCode and understand its work but not how to get my PC to connect to the Mac with XCode installed but I have not done anything else with it.

to test iOS your code should start on MacOS machine with builded WDA agent.

Do you mean XCode should take the project I have from Visual Studio to GitHub?

No. I mean only what i said. Project can be written on any lang e.g. java or js.

Thanks Aleksei
I understand I need a Mac I have all the components installed. We use C# and VS and have all are android tests on the VS from a PC I was hoping we could some way call those tests with adding an If else statement to add IOS dependencies to the Mac MIni from the PC. I just cant find much documentation on that.